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Aero Precision

Aero Precision APRH101614C

Product Code : 815421028218


Mfg Item #: APRH101614C

The Aero Precision Adjustable Gas Block allows the user to finely tune their gas system for any application. Compatible with barrels utilizing a .750 gas block journal. This is particularly useful for managing excess gas to reduce blowback on suppressed firearms or competition builds where the shooter is looking to mitigate recoil.Features standard low-profile design provides great fit under slim profile free float handguards including the Aero Precision ATLAS series of handguards, adjustment screw is held in place by a spring and detent, providing repeatable audible "clicks" upon adjustment removing the need for secondary set screws that can come loose under recoil, custom machined stainless-steel adjustment screw provides 15 gas adjustment settings, carbon fouling is channeled to a sacrificial chamber to help prevent carbon locking, as well as provide an access point for solvent in the event carbon locking does occur and user-serviceable design allows for service and cleaning of the gas system. Includes assembled adjustable gas block, one 6" 3/32 adjustment wrench for easy gas block adjustment underneath installed handguard and a replacement spring and detent. *Note Aero does not recommend the use of red threadlocker on the threads of the set screws. If you decide to use threadlocker we recommend using the non-permanent variety. **DO NOT USE THREADLOCKER OF ANY KIND ON THE GAS BLOCK ADJUSTMENT SCREW.

ModelLow Profile
SeriesAdjustable Gas Block

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